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Saturday, July 10, 2010


I have many friends that love cats so much, especially girls. Why? Let me point some of the obvious out. Some told me its their behavior of curiosity which you often see them hunting a bug or any movable object. A portion of my friends couldn't resist when stray cats commence their begging conspiracy for food in their nearest Mamak. It just shake your heart when they stare and Meow at you as your brain will automatically say "aww, poor cat. Let me Give you a piece of roti canai + sambal". As you put the food down for the respective cats, they will just chew on it ONCE! then look at you again "this is not what a cat should eat, Stupid Human". And begins to meow again. The process repeats itself until you ignore them or left the place. Urgh!

The Begging Conspiracy

Just the beginning of this week, I brought breads from home and left them on my dining table. A moment later, I took a visit to my dining table looking for some midnight snacks and bump into a cat having its great escape. When I visit the crime scene, a portion of the bread was eaten by the fugitive cat. The story continues as I brought another pack of bread and put it into a more covered area. However, the cat out smart me and commit the same crime. Sigh, no breads for this whole week. I know I can't sue the cat for eating my bread nor I can catch it for my bbq dinner. But I'm closing all the windows so that the fugitive won't harass me again.

The fugitive cat

But the general thinking of what Cats are like in this world is totally Overated!!

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