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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Last month 2 till now....

1. Was busy with Exam

For your information, my exam consumed quite a long period for the month of May. As an appropriate student, one must be ready before marching to the exam hall. I had the motivation to study back then but lack of time. Time is always a factor for me no matter before exam or during exam. I always had the feeling I'm studying last minute and time flies at light speed. During exam, time is even faster than expected except for ( MPC ). I endured the whole month with papers, books and pens. The lucky thing was, I had a group of housemates and friends who study, yawns and mamak together. Less stress I would say compare to one who just study alone. This proves the phrase "no man is an island"?..

<-- Study mood On! To me exam is like a Marathon running. One should be mentally and physically prepared before entering the race. Then he/she should concentrate throughout the distance running. As you reached the finishing line. You would thought of what to do. Rest? Eat? Go Pee? But for me, I was invited to " super ultimate GG day"...

2. Go for ultimate GG day...

Yeah, this is what we have been waiting for after exam to de-stress. Before that, it was well planed by Shi Wei, credits goes to her. Our plan was to:
0. Climb Broga Hill
1. Sing K
2. Watch Movie
3. Eat Chilis
4. Yum Cha
5. Clubbing Alcohol Night

Activities No.1 to No.3 take places in Mid Valley. Sing K was nice as we could see Wei Mein rapping like Eminem and sing sexy songs like Pussycatdolls which brings lots of laughter and fun.. Lol. Then Gary forced me to sing Gary Chao's duet song.. damn, it was my ulti song actually! (sorry KM). Watched Monster VS Alien and darn we make lots of noise there. It was comedy came adventure show for those who have not watched yet. A lot of people personally like BoB or Benzoate-Oxy-Bicarbonate who is a jelly like monster. So do I =)

As planned, after we finish watching "Monster VS Alien" we were in hunger. Instantly we moved to Chilis which serve nice western food. For my 1st time experience, the food was quality was nice and proportion is big for the considerable cash. After flipping the menu for few times, I decided to have Lamb Shoulder steak and Bottomless Coffee. We chit-chat, we Cam-whore, we watch TV and val-la, food were serve. 'Lepak' for awhile while our stomach were bloated then we went for another round in "Warung" to yum cha. As I'd observe, everyone was very tired at that moment left few very energetic. Were we GG-Ed? I guess not....

As we reached home, me and Wei Ern were assigned to buy ice for our hang over in TTS. Then we saw someone who ditched us, Sue Wen in Mamak. Back in our little house in TTS 5, 1st Wei Ern explain the rules of the alcohol game. It uses a deck of cards and everyone is given 1 card. There are normal cards and ultimate cards. One who posses ulti card either could ask question, make people drink 1 shot or allow that particular person to go toilet. I'm not going to further elaborate but it is a fun game. As for me, I'm the only one who drink 1 glass of plain water instead shots. Its a double edge sword cause I need to go toilet often at the end. Somehow, water ran out and I decided to have alcohols instead. Wy Hoong and Wei Mein ran off after 1st round. Cowards!

Shi Wei and Gary drank seriously a lot claim to near 30 shots. Wei Ern was very tricky that day. Mabel and Joanne were our bartender but also kena shots a lot. CK drink but like no effect at all and calm. Alice Liew face red after a couple of shots.. For me, I need to go toilet often even when sleeping time..

3. dates

Its been 4 weeks since me and her meet. Before that, both side of us were having exams. Subsequently, she had her own activities to Pulau Redang while I had my 'ultimate GG day'. Sms and phone calls were our only way to keep in touch.

Why does girls like to cam whore?

Anyone here ever experience triple date before? For me, I thought it would be a disasterous momment. One couple may start to compare with other couples on how well they are doing in the relationship. One would start to judge and throw question in mind like "how good if my bf/gf is that caring" or "why not my gf/bf do this do that to me?". Consequently, it may affect the relationship. However, its not really true from what I had experience later....

Hwa-Rang and Henry my newly met friends...

I had a call from her, and she informed me that its going to be a triple date to 1U. I knew Karrie and Jeleine as friends but not their partner. My first impression to my newly met friends, Henry is a thin and tall guy who is happy go lucky person. Talks a lot and craps a lot like me. Meanwhile Hwa-Rang is a 'mata sepet' korean boy who is matured, educated and funny on his own way. After a small discussion, we had dicided to have our late lunch at Pasta Zanmai and catch a movie (Monster Vs Alien) again.... Pathetic yet enjoyable...

4. Farewell to my fellow secondary school mate

I know them for quite some time. They were my dota kaki's, my yum cha gang, borrow underwear gang, and basketball gang. After some of them completed their STPM and had their result, they got offer to USM, UPM and etc. I would say Beng and Andrew went to the furthest of them all. While some like Yih Tat, Yan Zheng and Kmeng were relatively near at Serdang. Therefore, we planned an outing to Pavillion. Had our lunch at Sakae Sushi and its my first time there. I would say the food not bad there with or without my friends company.

To some of my friends...

A really chinese educated friend I would say. Don't be over hard headed and try change your perception once in awhile. If so, I'm sure you will excel in every field and could find one nice girl at your uni.. LOL... let it be natural ya... cheers

Yih Tat
You been a really good chatter all these while. Gonna lost 1 dota kaki and yum cha gang already. Sarcastic, funny and knowledgable as always. But one thing you may not keep in mind. Highlight here >> Remember to use condom if needed...

Yan Zheng
Why I never beat you in sports one? Basketball and badminton... Oh well, guess this guy is one heck of superman. Next time I bring krytonite for your present. One last thing... Don't too focus on something too much or you might lose something around you. People are pathetic, once lost only they would acknowledge it to be precious. Make it balance ya... Cheers..

A guy who brings lots of funny terms like 'zhi zhu zhi zhu zhi zhu' .. you know what I mean *evil laugh*. Even you are away, I believe you still will treat May Ying good enough. As for us, you will always be our .... Transporter and ATM machine.. haha

You are studious and inteligent I would say. Try not to boast too much infront of people.. and Practice your Dota also.. haha. Now is the chance away from your parents which means you could go late night mamak more and go CC. Learn to be both good and bad at the same time to improve your social skills maybe?

5. Celebrate aniversary... underconstruction...

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