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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sorry for delay this for tomorrow tomorrow and tomorrow....creeps from the petty pace from day to day. =x

Notty Ham: Episode II Attack of the Clone dogs....

In UNMC, studying is very important. But as the saying goes "all work no play make jack a dull boy" or in my version it would be "all work no play makes James a dumb boy". So lets not leave any fun part or else I would be one.

After meeting so many groups of friends, I would say the house mate groups are the most entertained. 10% are funny, 30% are idiotic and 60% are wacky. Leaving me the only one normal. Playing the role of spy James Bond, I was trying to survive in the sea of retardness. Slowly turning to one of them....

I successfully infiltrated into their gathering with the help of agent 005 and agent 006. At that moment, there were quite a number of threatening fresh faces that caught my attention. Thanks to Jacqueline, we were able to secure ourself by melting the ice. Introduced each other and soon capable to hee-hee-haa-haa with each other.

We had no comment on the foods. When I mention no comment means that the food were not much to argue about. Like always, the dishes were chicken wings, hot dogs, corns, sweet potatoes, nasi lemak, fish balls, and etc. Some were busy blowing water, some were busy with their "special friends" but for me chicken wings were all my friends =). Frankly speaking, I enjoy the fragrance of roasting those chicken but not to consume. Why? Cause I was devilish that day. I roasted "my friends" until it changes color from white to blackish brown.

<--Agent 006 putting Melamine into the hot dogs. Look at the smile of his face!!

Random Pics. The Aftermath

In the end, some went back home because it was too late. While some thought that the night was still young. In fact, the night were never old for them. Some were playing card games while some were dota frenzy including me. I guess everyone enjoyed before they left.

Notty Ham: Episode III The revenge of the Sith Wai Hoong.

Somehow we found that it was not enough. We were obsessed with blowing water, meeting new friends, playing with food and punching each other. Therefore we planned another gathering and this time it's steamboat. Yes yes, this time more pics and less typing.....I'm getting lazier day by day....

Everyone was helping out at this moment. Even we had nothing to do, we would just ask around if we could chop our hand and lend to anyone needed. Yes, this is what we call teamwork! And Valla, our dinner is served!

Eventually, Gary couldn't make it to our steamboat that day. He told that he would reach home about 9pm. Then told us that he would reach by 10. But seems that, he kept on delaying when he would be back. From what I was told, he went out to Mid Valley with a rumored girl called "San San". After a brief discussion, we sentence Gary for a little of punishment and so we planed to give him a little cold bath.

Everyone was waiting inside Wei Mein's Room. On the other hand, Wei Mein felt pissed off (the picture). Everything was set that time. As soon as Gary was in our radar, we alerted everyone to welcome him. With haste, Alice the "Robber" rob Gary's handphone so that his phone wouldn't bath with him.

However, we were considerate enough to leave some tasty food to Gary. Enjoying his own pot of steamboat. So the moral of the story is "even you get punish by us you still get good food from us"

Random Pics

Sorry Faith if you see this......thanks for posing in dreams =)

May be continue......

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Have you ever heard of Sungai Gabai? Well for me, I never heard of it before. Its an all guy outing so if you have Gay-Phobia Please do not proceed... I was the main photographer to suggest all the pose and capture it thanks to Yan Zheng's 3mp camphone. So you wouldn't see me gay-ing much with them.

As soon as we reach there, Chris and I had nature's call. Everyone pointed to the same place and we had no choice...

Notty we were. While pee-ing Chris ask "Why your's so big one!!? WTF". The next thing I know, everyone was cincai throwing their clothes and soak in the cool water not to remember what we did to the river.
Plenty of waterfall, crystal clear water, diversity of flora and fauna. Its sort of the ideal destination for urban people like us would like to enjoy. It's even better if there were girls. After all we are still boys

Ready! Get set! Go!

It turns up Yan Zheng's spec disapeared. We had a treasure hunting session to find the respective spec. With 11 boys hunting for the same thing, you know it's imposible to be imposible.

Posing Pics are really gay

The Cool Male pose. P.S. (Soham Yih Tat wanna be torn among the rose!! you are not suppose to smile in this pic)

There was QQ Male Pose. Who says only female can be cute? Boys can too!! Hoi Jason, remove your hands from your Lapangan Terbang!

The Macho Male Pose. I couldn't stop laughing every time I look at this pic. The front friends macam "ya" saja but the back not yet ready. Sorry ya, no power edi the phone. Must take picture fast...

Pose suggested by everyone from Bleach. This time Andy became torn among the rose pulak!!

The Outa-Man Pose. Notice some aren't here to pose? Thats because they aren't Outa-Man lor. After for posing for so much, we proceed to utilize the waterfall again. Its like slide there and the feeling is amazingly fun even for young adult like us.

Andrew!! Why?? Why you let go of Yan Zheng?

Thanks for BETRAYING HENG DAI!!! We belanja you minum air sungai lar!!!

Beng yelled "Jom Mati bersama-sama Andrew!!!" Andrew yelled back "I have 1 life more than cats, I dont care!!"

Besto friends helping each other out! Yih tat exclaimed "I'll get back you to the top!! Then I'll throw you down back in no time!!"
Poor Andrew being thrown down over and over again.

Ready for our roller coaster ride. Everyone seems retarded here

Roller Coaster Ride down the water fall. Understand what I mean now by utilising it as a slide?

Making human ladder. Its human VS nature

Chia Chun aka Gemuk our main organizer and joker of the day.

Time pass in just a blink of an eye. Although there are no girls, although its all boys, although it is gay its still fun being together. Pulling each other, playing WWF, Sliding down the water fall, pretending to pee-ing at nature and throwing Andrew down the waterfall just feels best when everyone is together in a place.

The End of our trip

PS. Sorry ya cuz I couldn't manage to meet up with you this particular day and Happy Birthday to Jeleine.

May Continue...

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