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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Do you believe in ghost?

For me, I don't believe any ghost nor god that exist in this world. Yes, I am an infidel at this state. Thus, I gain immunity againts unholy movie. As for my holidays, I am having the best and worst time. My routine will be something like online, gaming, online, gaming, gaming, eat, eat, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, study, watch tv, sleep, study, sleep, gaming, eat, eat and so on.

Facing the fact I have unhealty routine, I plan to make my blood circulation faster. If you are thinking sports now, you are wrong. I took an alternative path to make my heart beat faster which is to watch ghost movie. I lift my butt from the computer chair. Soon I headed to Yan Zheng's house transported by Andrew's Legendary Car " The BLACK MY-V SE". What so Legendary about this car? Try it yourself and you will know it.

First on the horror movie list that will pump my adrenalin is " The Shitter " "The Shutter". As the show began, we turned the lights off. Everything was dark in the room except the plasma television that glowed itself. Not to mention, the room was cold and it gave a sudden chill. Everything was all set so that we could enjoy the haunted effect. On the contray, we ordered pizzas which was rather unrelevant but delicious.

Chris noticed my bored like pose again (landing my cheeck againts my fist) but I don't give a damn. If one notice, the thing that kept everyone alert was the sound effect. Without the sound effect, I would have slept like a piglet. Next, we watched another movie which was rather disappointing. Throughout the session, Yan Zheng kept running away. Making lots of excuse such as going to the toilet, drink water and etc. Mean while, Andrew would always draw away his face from the horrific part.


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Friday, August 10, 2007

I love Friday for various reasons. First of all, I only required to attend physic practical which is fast, easy and somehow interesting than theory. Later on, I would take some light meal with my classmates while waiting those other idiots course mate which is from Group A and Group B to be released. We proceed by playing basketball for an hour or two depends to their schedule.

However today is a little different from what I've mention above. After I had my breakfast with Kok Chew nerdie, I was asked to join a steam-bomb feast organize by no other but Jing Chuen and Jia Wen. Without thinking twice, I volunteered myself to have some sensation there.

I soon found myself inside their condominium. As I were waiting for food to be serve, I socialize with my dear classmates and even GAMBLE have some card games. Credits gain by Xin Hao who mostly won the game. Not long later, we swarm the food table and surround the 2 pots of rice cooker. I made a choice not to take too much nor too little as it will offend the girls (CHEFS). Overall, the food were nice but lack of varieties. Apart from that, it seems that fresh water had EXTICT. All that was left were 7up that made me even thirstier.

After filling our tummy, we gather in Jing Chuen's room. We discovered that a petite rabbit was in its basket. Due to it's kawaiiness, I was lured to molest tickled it with my index finger while Hui Hui and Jia Wen tried to torture hold it. The rabbit seemed to resist anyone of us to hold it though. It came to my mind that rabbit meat for steamboat was'nt a bad idea. However, I was inform that it was Matthew's beloved pet thereforeI spared its life.

Adrian, Boon and I were like living parasites because we did not contribute from the very beginning. As a result, the host threw an order forcing us to clean up everything. Thankfully, Benjamin (Xin Hao) volunteered to lend a hand. We finish it at the fastest pace breaking any speed records. In the midst of that, Matthew arrived. He came back from sushi making that were organized by Japanese Society. Not to mention, he did not bring any creation of his from the activity. I pretended to be his waiter in a joking way, coincidence I was cleaning the table. Soon, I made my escape with Boon and my ordinary routine continues.

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sorry for the delay. Some might have wonder why that I did not post anything new in the blog. Considered that I'm not that good on writing my present life, I prefer to write something in the past that had happened.

Ever heard of gunung Nuang? Well, its the highest mountain in Selangor situated in Hulu Langat. Somehow, I was summoned by Beng and Kitty upon this trip. A trip to conquer this so called tallest mountain in Selangor state. Without hesitate, I kindly accepted their offer. Not to mention the day after will be another hectic college day.

Before we reached the mountain skirt, we were guided by Kitty's uncle who was Leopard. Kitty's uncle or Leopard knows his way around the mountain and gave us some orders before we left him and his gang. It was something like "My son, time is precious. Come back before the sun is on the highest point. May the force be with you."Maybe it doesn't sound that dramatic but the points are there.

As always, Kitty the natural leader with nine lives leads our path. With his ability to land his soft paws foot on the edges, we were able to climb up easily by following his exact steps. As for me, I'm particular no use but to control the pace of Kitty because Beng was having difficulties with his shoe. Well, Beng was quite sluggish due to his shoe.

The temperature were soothing cool. However we were constantly dehydrated due to excessive lost of sweat. Eventually, we met a bear like big guy who we have the same goal. Along the way, he shared some of his experience about mountain climbing and some other stuff. On the other hand, he slows down our pace to reach the peak as he was massive relative to anyone of us. After long hours of climbing, we finally reached the up-est part.

So, here we were standing at the highest altitude in Selangor. Instantly we collapse and had a quick rest before we go back. I would rather say it was disappointing as we couldn't see anything from above, it was misty. I'm too bored to continue on, so I'll just stop here. By the way, it was raining when we were returning back. Tired was what we derived the adventure.

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