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Saturday, November 17, 2007

My room was once very spacious and comfortable to sleep in. Single bed accomodated with air-conditioner and laptop, luxury I consider myself. Not only so. Occasionally as light penetrate through my curtain, it will emit blue ray which then illuminate the entire room. Decorated with curtain and matress with fish pattern, I once thought I'm swimming in the sea. Serene and peaceful scene for me to become pig sleep.

Ever since my trial arrive, the beauty of it appeared to be highly poluted. My room was contaminated by stacks of books and papers.
~Books and papers were sleeping on my bed. (where do I sleep?)

Exams are always dreadful for me. To score better results, I resorted myself by burning the midnight's oil. Lonely but effective method to be utilize as I was able to concentrate only in study. This time however, I was acompanied to burn the oil. I wonder how it will affect my study though.

Some may wonder, why would these load of papers and books end up on my bed. There are no logical reason for it. Perhaps, I have more feel to study using the bed as a table. Other than that, it simply because the space provided in a bed is much more sufficient to put all my stuff. On the other hand, I'm a non environmentalist. Specifically, I'll just toss all my books everywhere once I'm done with the subject in exam.
~How a living organism surviving in a poluted habitat.
Please do not try this at home but you may try it at other people's home.

Finally, I took the initiative to clean up my room. During week days, I was too hectic with exams. Now that I'm in the weekend, I spared sometime to purify the water polution clean up. The result...let the picture do the talking...

~ 77 88 clean. Return the harmony within the sea bed.

11:55 PM

Thursday, November 8, 2007

"The 3 musketeers". That's how Miss Chiah used to call Boon, Me and Kok Chew in Mathes class. Its not like we have extra long mustache or extreme sword fighting skills. Eventually, we were labelled gay as we have the practice "one for all and all for one." BUT I'M NOT !!


Back home, I was chatting with a bored petite friend in MSN. She is currently in Singapore (kiasu land) pursuing her study. It's been quite awhile since we meet face to face and come to think of it, kinda miss her. Hahaha. Our conversation were mainly gossips and current issues which interest each other. Like always, I would slip some questions like " any leng lui to intro?". These phrase were too common for me and by that I was made famous for something.

~how short she is compare to me as illustrated above(joking joking)

She claims that girls distribution are more concentrated in School Of Busy-ness. By that, I finally realise something, "No wonder girls nowadays are so busybody ". Another thing was, her school doesn't provide any Farm-acy courses . I guess this is due to Singapore have insufficient lands for agriculture? Too bad for those who desired to study how to farm in Sin-kah-Po.

Apart from that, I always have the habit of munching biscuits when I'm studying or in front of my laptop. I came to know that I have sweet tooth these days. So any sweeties out there?

~The biscuits I consumed

9:59 AM

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

This is the story of a girl...
who cry the river and drown the whole world....
But what she looks so sad In photograph...
I absolutely love her...when she smile...
As you all know me, I'm not that good in expressing my own feelings to the others. Therefore, how good will I be in comforting someone? Yes, I was trying to show concern to someone and obviously I failed.

Do you know who I'm refering? Hmm..Let me draw a picture of her with words.

Frankly speaking, I've met her quite awile ago, and so do some of my friends. A girl that would not take charge easily. Stubborn or in lighter tone, a girl who will stand strong for her believe. The type that you would expect to give explaination thus denying one's idea. Furthermore, she is a typical girl who doesn't allow sympathy or pityness upon her. I admire and respect her strength in situations like this. (descriptive according to most of her friends)

In the past time, I often had tongue to tongue fight with her over little matters. Not to mention, I would always raise the white flag before everything turns sour. Due to that, I know my concern would never reach to her eardrums. Perhaps, the only is to chop off my ears and send it to her. That is even if she wanted to whisper into it...

Sorry if I mess up anything, trying to be humble.

6:14 AM

Friday, November 2, 2007

I was introduced by my fellow classmate about the prom...
stuck by that fate, I was forced to participate ....

The sky nearly ran out of sun light, I was all well pack to go bringing nothing but empty stomach. Reached there around 7.15pm and hence, I took the opportunity to wonder around before the event start. My hand were sweating which means either I was nervous or exited.
Tonight's event

Anyway, everyone was already well seated including my friends when I arrived. A heaven I would say because everyone were dressed to kill. I sit with two unknown young beautiful lady I sit with two male friends, Kok Chew and Matthew although I really hope to sit with some girls (Welcome to reality). Greeted everyone from my intake both class A and B but sitting at the other table (felt Isolated). Not to mention, I had no partner for the prom. Pathetic.

Where are you looking? I was focusing on those waiter over there....

Yes I admit, I was somewhat desperate for girls these days. Surrounded by beauties, I took a brief look around in order to find my cup of tea. Despite of that, there was a girl that caught my narrow eye which sat at the back row of my table. It started with a very natural way when I bump into her outside the ball room. Spare a few seconds of conversation with her and off she went back inside the room. I'm just not a fast forward guy after all.

On the other hand, I was having fun teasing Felicia (Matthew's Girlfriend) when Matthew were off guard. I even tease some of my lecturers there too.

Mathew and Felicia(lovely couple)

"Where's our DINNER? Where's our DINNER?", I asked Matthew. We waited for the ceremonial speech to end that last for about 20 minutes. I was already drooling for those INTERNATIONAL FOOD. I was expecting something like French hors d'oeuvre, or smoke lamb or even Japanese Sushi. Sounds mouth watering? But the opposite was true.

"Ladies First!" I exclaimed

Where is my hors d'oeuvre?

Well, the food didnt turn up what I'd expected and so I consume sufficiently like a normal dinner even my mom cooks better. However, my friends stuff a lot of seafoods down their throat because they didn't want to waste their RM 65 (wise move : most of them were food poisoned).

Me: I dun understand tis la!! Can you Teach me how Arr?? (My Youngest lecturer)

My physic and chemistry lecturer.

Approxiamately 11.00pm, bad news arrive. Someone announce to us that the college bus will be leaving at 11.30pm. To simplify things, my cup of tea would be poured away right before I could get a grasp of it or even take a sniff of the fragrance. She could have at least left me her glass shoe before she left. My hope was totally crushed.

Lonely + desperate me although I look normal ( Daniel Powter-Bad day singing in my brain)

Next, we were to vote for Prom King and Queen. Prom King were voted by females while the Prom Queen were voted by males. Well I guess no one would vote for me, fine. The Prom King and Queen were supposed to be the openning of the dance floor. Then, other pair would join in if they wanted to. Even you were without any pair, you could dance alone but that would be an idiotic act.
Prom King and Prom Queen Dancing..

Knowing that I wouldn't be dancing, I resign from the prom. I walked out off the ball room, breathing some fresh air and soon met an interesting guy.


Dont let his silly face fool you. If you dont know him, he's a damn magician. Yea you know those people working on street performing tricks? (eg. David Blaine) those are beggers. That makes no different than from him.

He does'nt wear wizard hat, turn you into cockroach and kill you. He'd just turn you into a cockroach and live with you. Forgot to mention his name. He is Kenoph Lai or you could call him CANNOT FLY. Cheers....


Oh yeah. Not to forget, today will be someone's birthday so

Please smile if you see this (copied from kitty)


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