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Thursday, September 24, 2009

This week had been a hectic week. I would say there are lots of outing and most of them involve food. This happens when :-

1) You have crazy friends that have nothing to do during holiday
2) You have special events such as BBQ party or Friend Birthday or etc
3) Your parents who likes to tapao' extra food back home
3) Your gf/bf likes to eat good stuff

If you have all the symptom above, I guess you too have what it call as 'Will-Eat-No-Matter-Where-Syndrome'. Where you have lots of food inside the house and outside the house. Congrats...

Malaysian foods are AWESOME, its all about heaty food such as Durian, Bak Kut Teh, fried, curry and chilis. I just hope that I would not die fast due to excessive intake of this kinda food. Fatty and high colestrol is what this week food intake is all about. Whenever you finding people to play basketball or jogging they seems to be all missing. Sometimes its too hard to be healthy due to the environment... doesnt it?

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Place : Wei Mein's House
Fella : Wei Mein, Wei Mein's Mum, Wy Hoong, Sue wen, Mabel, Wei Ern, Joane and Me.
Objective : To get ourself fatten with Lagsana

Let me introduce this to you.... This is Wy Hoong! Wei Mein's turtle

First off Apple pie... from Joanne =) . Not that she made it, but her mother made it and she brought it to our little gathering. The crust has a nice texture with golden looking armor. The inside however were less sweet and sour compare to the apple pie in McD. Overall I will be giving a 3.5/5.0... Let hope her daughter bake as good as this...

Then here comes the main dish. The purpose we travel ourself here.....

Wei Mein "Come On girls! Chop those Onions and Mushroom!"

I could say Wei Mein was like Chef Ramsy and we were like his apprentice in Hell's Kitchen. We took turns to chop, dice, wash, cook, stir and all you can name it.. I could say its almost like making spaghetti sause but has little twist and turn of it. From my point of view, lots of CHEEESEEE were consume.. Not that I'm going to reveal his secret recipe, after all this, that and bake for awhile. It became....

Mouth watery, nice fragrance and abit good looking Lagsana. =) Voila!

But it turns out we need to wait for another 30 more minutes so that it will solidify abit. Therefore we wait... and wait... and wait... till we watched "Meet The Fockers". Then, its time to feast viciously. I did not really take picture of everybody's gluton face but everyone were really hungy and we enjoy it. Excelent cheese, nice flavour and very tummy filling even I had 2 small blocks of that. Overall I give 4.3/5.00 ratings for this....

All thanks to this little guy....

Guess who is this.. =D

p/s: Im giving rating for fun only.....

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It was 31st August and everybody know its our National Day. But this year I found it pathetic due to the H1N1 attack. There seems to be less firework and become more silent through the night. Yes its always better to be safe than sorry or prevent is better than cure.. But it seems lack of something for this Merdeka spirit. So where is the fun for our National day??

Somehow we planned to go 'Yum Cha' or maybe Sing K with my secondary school friends. Some nodded, some shake heads and most of them went missing which ends up cancel to all the plans. Most probably they have their own things to do or perhaps own celebrations.

Next morning, I pack some of my basketball kits, fetch Carmen and rush to Nottingham. Not really a celebration but more like a morning exercise session. Meet up with Mabel, Wei Ern and Joanne. Had some chit chat session and then eat Broga Pan Mee. Wei Ern mention that there were some Nostalgic feelings when driving to the campus, yes I do feel the same to....

Some of the random pictures in Uni Life...

Dome "Save me please!"
This is one of Wei Mein's favourite past time.

Down Syndrome Dog... according to Dome
This dog is called............ Heck I forgot.

First time try Wei Mein's Lagsana... Damn his a good cook.

Anyway, can't wait to get fatten with Wei Mein's Lagsana again this Wednesday...
But please dont kiss me like how you do it to Dome, will ya?

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