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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Day 1

> Group photo

- Found that our room have no toilet/bathroom inside
- There is only public toilet/bathroom where any gender can go inside @@
- Mixed up pretty well fellow roommates and other participants
- We prank calls other people and also our trainers.
- Saw a guy looks like Jonan's brother...
- Hardly able to sleep ( maybe because the room too cold)

Day 2

> Steven Mugen ( Trainer that deliver humour)

- Sleep at 1.20am and wake up at 6.00am. (lucky i got bring my alarm clock)
- Have our every meal.
- Try to participate more in the classroom by asking silly questions.
- Laugh through the whole session because of humour by the trainers
- Played basketball and volleyball when free time. ( with fake Jonan's bro)
- Steven Mugen ( trainer) went to our friend's room half naked
- Went to girls room play card game and joke around and .....

Day 3

> Me advertising something...

- Almost same as day 2.
- Given a task to advertise something to the audience ( end up crapping alot)
- Practice our sketch. ( Mr and Mrs Smith = not yet watch)
- Had a hard time being Brad Pot because need to act flirting Angelina Joker....
- Being Slap by Angelina Joker in the act 3 times (she enjoys it)

Day 4

> YOu wanna FIGHT?? ( being slap continuously)

- We get the 1st group to perform the sketch
- Watched other participants' sketch, indeed interesting and funny
- Felt bad because I know our group sketch is the lousiest of them
- Had Photograph with them and say good bye. (miss them alot)
- Check out and have our last meal.
- Ride my motorcycle to home


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