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Sunday, June 29, 2008

24th of June thats the actual date I went to Langkawi.

This is a multi racial trip, just that we don't have any malays.
The trip consist of :-

Wai Hoong : Leader and camera man (Every plan comes from here)
Xin Hao : Sentra Driver (Our Driver throughout the vacation)
Arvind : Gps system and Weather forecast (Assist the driver by providing false information)
Hui Hui : Look at the back and yells at people
Kar Mun : Looking for clubbing areas ( The Loaf)
Kleong : Unknown (only follows around these people)

Landed on Langkawi about 9.00 in the morning and it was already raining cats and dogs. We had no choice but to rent a car (Nissan Sentra) which were in bad shape with no hon. The seats are not even enough for us. At the back we have four people sitting which causes us to buttock versus buttock whereas the fat Joe sit in front. My wallet was stolen and now I know why >>>>>>>

Next up, we had quick breakfast and unload our luggage in the hotel (Malibest). Our room is just acceptable and with some breathe taking view just outside the door.Then we proceed for indoor activities that we could come up. First stop was the Underwater World, which we visited lots of unhappy fish being trap there. Most of them just Emo and Dulan.

Lonely otter

Emo Sting ray

Emo penguins ( Dont want to look at the camera)

Emo fish hiding inside the rock

Then inside, there is a thing call 3D movie or something where you get to watch 3D fish flying around. For adults, I don't recomend them to watch because its boring until I wanted to sleep inside. But I didn't, instead I took the time to tease Kar Mun (as revenge), and she thought I wanted to "Pok Mung". Haihz. Misconception la. Next to the Underwater World, there is a duty-free market where you could find all kinds of Chocs, Alcohol drinks and cigarettes. Scan the price for awhile and we proceed the next activities.

By the time we finished everything, its still drizzling. We had no choice to look for another indoor activities. Soon we decided to go for the cable car ride and sky bridge.

Taking pictures of the scenery

The scenery

Group Photo

Group Photo 2

To be continue.....

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Monday, June 23, 2008

The following were the things I did today

1. Take IC
2. Take SPM certificate
3. Take A-Level Certificate
4. ATM card
5. Go interview
6. Pack bags

Woke up early in the morning and rushed my morning energy supply. Looking at my clock, it keep reminding me to hurry because its a tight schedule. Went to get back my I.C which is rather fast. Next, I head to my secondary school and college in order to retrieve SPM and A-Level certificate. Saw Pn. Dayang (couldn't figure her name) and she told me I changed. Then I rushed to a nearby Maybank to apply a new ATM card.

Next up, I went for a job interview. I was inform by May Ying that his brother (employer) works in an office at Safari/Econsave. The funny part is, I asked the guard at the entrance if there is any computer shop nearby. He shoke his head as a sign "Don't have" or " I dont know". The office is just next to him which makes me slap on the forehead. So I filled out the interview forms with very very weird question as below :-

P : _______
SPM : ________
S-Level : ________
Diploma : _________
Degree : __________

I was mind boggling, what the hell is 'P' and 'S-level'. Then, Mr. Ong gave me some briefing on the job. All I said was " em, em, ohh, ohh, *nod my head, *nod my head, yes, yes". I didn't express myself much in that case but I did inquire him important questions. Back home, May Ying proudly told me that she type the form and I was.............................

Backpack all my luggage and ready to fly. To where? To Langkawi with some of the devilish college friends.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

So this is it. Although the time passed very fast. Good luck and happy holidays to those been fired by UCSI.

Those who was fired:-


Loves the company with friends although he is kinda introvert. Currently jobless after being fired by UCSI. A guy who doesn't have any clue what he wanna do even after being fired. Enjoyed those days with classmates during A-Level.

Kok Chew
He who I sees to be very self discipline. With leisure time spent for study, exam is like taking candy from a baby. As a friend, he has always been lending his helping hands to those who needed. Not to mention, he has been my personal tutor because I used to ask him annoying questions. The good thing is this guy didn't ask for payments.

Another one of the three muskerteer I've mentioned earlier on. Its just that Kok Chew is brain active whereas Boon is physically active. A friend I can hang out with during sweating sessions such as going to gym or play basketball. Not to forget, he is a daredevil who likes flipping. Errr, its hard to explain it here but I've pretty much seen him doing it until its already uncountable.

Most probably he is the easiest to approach by stranger at first glance. He is humorous, loud and friendly fella which makes a lot of connections. Not only so, he is a better singer than me and a guitarist. Thats because I'm not in these field. Often sat next to him during those days.

Jia Wen
A happy go lucky girl. Physically seems to be malnutrition compared to the rest of us. If wind blows, I guess she'll be flying away. I still remember I was acciddently kidnap to her apartment for steamboat and that was great though.

Wei Sin
Studious, clever and hardworking that's all I can say. Always go back early driving her petite perodua home. Burst in laughter easily and I've never seen her with sad face. At times, I'll trouble her instead of Kok Chew.

Kar Mun
A typical girl who was orignated from class B has a bit male characteristic compared to the others. Most of the time, seen her walking side by side with her common friends either Jelele or Hui Hui. Rumors has it that, she often Sing K in Timesquare. All the lecturer knows her well because her father was popular there.

A prodigy in our class, where get flying color result is as simple as ABC. I always wanted to dissect his brain to replace mine. But don't be fooled, we have something in common which is to 'kap lui' in the college. One word for him 'salute'

Xin Hao
Our very dedicated class rep. Very informative at times and able to preserve good connection with the peoples in course. Also one of my basketball pal. Kind enough to ask me to join his group when having lunch so that I don't get too introvert.

Jing Quen
This guy comes from Kedah. Another good basketball player that I dislike to face him. Like all the others, he'll be funny at times and enjoys the company. By living under 1 roof with Jia Wen, I feel pity for him he comes and goes with her.

Average joe who likes to watch Tv series in Axn such as Vegas. Not to mention, he the only Indian is our anti-racism leader in our group. Funny thing's often comes within him since a lot of people likes to tease him. A good football player although physically does not match. There was once Ms. Nalina wanted to confiscate his Astro card because he watched too much.

Hui Hui
A very plumb and fat cute girl which I can compare it as a pig. Playful and outing with all the others. Especially with Kar Mun, they were like unseparated souls. Laugh easily but studious when times comes. Always mistaken by Mr. Tan as his niece and he mention that her look, name and size are the same.

Wai Hoong
I wonder this guy is a monkey incarnated. He seems to be physically and mouth active. A very gay joyful guy to had when passing times. Thats because he loves to joke around and act like a moron make fun of other people. Naughty he is, but a funny guy indeed. He sometimes self claim emo freak.
Mr. Tan
Our class Mentor who is in his 60's. For the first semester, our class were nothing but just a place to study our physics. But as we get along each other, it turns out that our class not a place to study physics but its more like a place to learn things. Whenever in break, most of the time we would discuss about delicious food from all over the country. Weird but true, it made us less boring at least. Not to mention, he likes to "Cha" people like Jia wen and Jing Quen.

Ms Ding
Our class Bio Lecturer who has very fluent English. It seems that we couldn't argue with her as her name already says it "Ding". Very hardworking and offering type of teacher as she always give out extra class, extra notes, extra lecturer and utilize our time fully on studies. Made our life very hard but we know its for our good.

Mr Tai/Ms Nalina
For the 1st and 2nd semester Mr. Tai was our Chemistry Lecturer. I still remember how he wrote all those words in the white board and it was super difficult to see/understand what he was writing. After A few months, I guess we all got used it. Everyone acknowledge him as a funny lecturer because we often burst out with laughter in his classes. At times he was notorious to trick us such as writing false notes on the board. So if we copied, we would need to re-copy another one which is the correct one.

Ms. Nalina is a very strict lecturer who always yelled at people. Thats happens only when people is obviously wrong. Can be very kind and Devilish at the same time. More to motivation type of teacher because always talk about the future.

At last I bid farewell to this this formula

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