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Sunday, January 27, 2008

It was very late that night, around 3.00am. I was playing some online games with no other than Jason. Unexpected, someone knock the door and it was one of the guy who rent our rooms. He kindly request me to wake my parents up and I did. I knew what was going to happen next.

In the past life, he was quite a typical person. Although he was kinda hot headed but at least he was willing to talk anything. I live under the surveillance of my grandpa if you asked me. As my grandpa live just upstair, grandpa is able to access into my house. Whenever my parents were busy with their works, at least he was the one replacing the hollow holes of my parents. As I grow older, I came to a more independent person and my grandpa knew it. He had to let me go.

So my grandpa was in critical state at the hospital. Everyone was already there including my aunts and uncles. I guess everyone was emotional that time except my father and I, like father like son. Before that, he requested to drink milo but he was given a 'puasa' mode by the nurse. Well, he was about to migrate to other place why not fulfill his wishes that time? Erghh...

So migrated he did around 5.35pm. Oh yeah, I guess I won't be celebrating any Chinese New Year. No more pai lin, no more chinese new year songs, no more gambling, no more Cho Dai Dee with friends and no more red "内裤".

whats the worst that I Could say,
things are better if I stay,
So long and good night...

Rest in peace, grandpa.

3:26 PM

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just for a little bit of recap, lately I was having my exam starting from last few weeks ago. However, Now I proudly declare that I'm officially on holiday for just 4 days. Yes, just 4 days which means I will need to attend my college lecture on Monday.

Today was my last paper, it was somehow blended with Joy and Sadness. Lets compare the exam as in a Marathon. Joy in the sense, one would sculpture ownself with a smile after crossing the finishing line. On the other hand, one would also felt very bad knowing not to gain anything after the exaustion. It was a mixed of both.

I love how Mr.Tai guard those examinees.

So we ended up in the quarantine area, socializing with most of my dear classmates. Well maybe not all my classmates because some of them didn't take the last paper. Discussion about studies or exam were taboo during that time. I took the opportunity this time to tease those guys. Or maybe not. Most of us would just talk about where and how we would spend or holidays. Jogoya again? I don't think so.

So why does everyone liked to show the joining of their ugly feets and fingers? Still undefined but we did that too.

(Happy feet)So do you notice anything odd at my feet?

7:21 PM

Monday, January 14, 2008


Study Duration = 5 years
Salary = Rm +-2000 (starting)
Demand = High
Requirement = Very good in Bio, Chem, Mathes and some say Physic

Well, this job isn't a worthy job if you work in Malaysia. After studying about 5 years for a degree, your starting salary would be around Rm 2000 and earn a decent pay at most after working for so many years. On top of that, only UPM that offers veterinary courses. So to get involve, you would have to be at least the top 60 student who are interested in Veterinary. Well maybe some top student won't be interest in this pathetic course.


Duration of study = 5 years
Starting income = Rm 2500++
Demand = High
Requirement = Good in Chem, Bio, mathes and some say physic.

Almost the same as being a vet but, you only deal with a type of animal(human). You get slightly well paid compared to a vet. Easier in the sense that, Malaysia have a lot of institute that offer Medical courses although the requirement is high. A very bright future for one to enrol the course as graduates get alot of side benefits such as free family healthcare. As you advance into surgeon/expert/master, your income increase dramatically up to average RM8000 a month. The only thing is, I don't quite like to deal with humans. =/


Duration of study = 4-5 years
Starting income = Rm5000
Demand = High
Requirement = Have good physical Health and good in mathes.

You watched 'Triumph of sky' before in TVB series? Yeah, you become pilot of an aircraft. As far as I research, Langkawi is the only place that enable one to gain knowledge of. You would be studying there for about 4-5 years. A very good starting salary after you graduated which is RM5000 as a co-pilot. As you advance to captain, your salary increase to RM10000++ per month. You could earn some extra income such as flying private jets for filthy rich people. The problem is, you would probabbly be in contract with AirAsia which is a crappy aviation company. Further more, you would have to work in unregular time basis. But look at the income!! Even your EBF would reach Rm1 million!! if you asked me that is if you manage to survive flying an aeroplane. Risky !!!


Duration of study = 4 years
Starting income = Rm 2000++
Demand = unknown
Requirement = Very Good in Mathes

Most probabbly you will end up in insurance or Lottery company. In other words you will be dealing with statistic for the rest of your life (dull). The starting income might not be very high. During the internship, you will need to be studying part time for some examination. Rumors says that these examinations are extremely hard. But rumors also says that the income after taking the exam is very very high. Although my mathes isn't as good as those prodigies but it was always my best subject.

Career Standing
1. Veterinary (prefered)
2. actuary ( my strong point)
3. Pilot (money)
4. Doctor (parent's wish)

12:05 PM

Saturday, January 12, 2008

So where should I begin?

So Met 18
Shall I compare thee to a summers day, In Malaysia?
Thou art more lonely and more desperate,
Love winds do shakes the darling buds of may,
and summer's unleash all to sort a day.

ok, I was just crapping...

Anyway, kind of busy nowaday due to 2nd semester final exam. For your concern, my performance was not as good as I should be. Especially in practical exam, both chemistry and physic supplied me with spoilled apparatus!!! I was kinda mad of it where precious time had been trash by them for changing apparatus. Further more in physic practical, the questions were one of a kind. Everyone didn't expected such level of hardness in that including the prodigies. It would instanly cure the blood clotted in your brain if you manage to answer it in that short time.

~ Our expression(dulan)

Someone was so right for telling me this "Almost every single person is lonely. Granted, many are not honest enough to admit it, or they cover over their loneliness with TV, movies, friends, or empty, casual relationships. But their loneliness becomes ingrained, they learn to be emotionally independent, and later, when they want to fall in love and lean on someone else, they wonder why they can’t". She says someday I feel like shit, someday I wanna quit. And just be normal for abit.

So I had my own psychology evaluation. From the passage above, yes I lead a very lonely life. I did cover over my loneliness with games, movies, friends and etc. Maybe I am emotional independent (emotionless?Hahaha) which I dont understand what it means. And yes I dont understand why I always have to be gone.

~what a lonely guy (guess who is that)

However, I think I'm more to depress than desperate which means I.........want you to know that it's a little fucked up ( never thought that this vulgar word could be so noble and honest), That I'm stuck here waitin, at times debatin.

2:16 AM

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