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Sunday, July 1, 2007

As I woke up in the morning, I felt the sun ray piercing through my window curtain. Shinning bright at my face in order to bring me back to life. I stagger myself to the toilet to have a rinse of water at my face and not to forget brush my teeth. I reconize today is the day I'm going to watch TRANSFORMER. Before I could march myself to Kitty's house, there was a gap of 2 hours. Therefore, I took the oppurtunity to do some light workouts in my college gym. I'll fast forward from here until we join with the others.

Like most of the time, Kitty offer me and MAWI Andy a lift to TS. Reached there almost an hour late due to traffic congestion. However we still have plenty of time before the movie starts. One of us suggested to loaf around Borders. Not a bad idea, as these pervert friends love hentai manga a lot. As for me, I prefer a non-fiction books. Later on we rushed to Lowyat for some last minute shopping. Had our lunch at TS food court. Meet up with Yan Zheng and Pui Mun. Buy pop corns and beverages.

WARNING (the following content might contain some spoiler review)

It's a battle between good and evil.
To be exact its a battle of Optimus PrimeOctopus Prime and Mega TronMega Prawn. Well guess who won in the end? No doubt the octopus would have win any prawn. It applied the same theory that most good wins evil at the end. I would say it has a nice blend of humour, love and war. It has fairly good computer graphics art and story line. The only problem I encounter is during most battle scene, that I was so blur which side is the antagonist and protagonist. Furthermore, the battle scenes seems to be quite messy and I had a minor headache by just focusing at anything. Perhaps the seats would make some difference. By the way, Starscream run like a coward at the end of the show. So expect there is still more to come in the future.


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