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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


This trip consist of ;

Chris - tour guide (went to genting like eating chap fan)
Beng - Financial expert (likes to calculate)
Yzheng - sms lover (go to genting but only sms GF)
Myke - Chairman of this trip ( Ideas come from here)
Edwand - Sponsor for chairman (chairman's ATM)
Marcus - Security guard ( tough guy)
Xiao Jiun - Mischevous girl ( I dont know her)

Day 1
Meet everyone except Myke in Cempaka station, saw Xiao Jiun. Since i didnt keep in contact with her for so long I will just describe her and Marcus. She has maggie mee hair, candy socks, sushi like wearings ( outside black and inside other colour). Marcus's is actually Tek Heng a long lost senior of mine who play basketball when i was in high school. Generally he ok to me, but I was shock that he is currently Xiao Jiun's BF.

Reach Genting about 10.30 and we straight away checked in staying in Hotel Themepark. The rooms are average but the TV receptions sucks ( cant watch 8tv). We left our belongings and head to Marry Brown for our Brunch. Went to themepark and played every exciting rides such as roller coaster. Some of us were tired after 2-3 hours of conservative games. As a result, we all decided to go back hotel and had some rest. From here onwards, 8 of us were divided into 2 groups ( the lonewolf and the love birds). Me? I belongs to the lonewolf of course.

Most probabbly Myke and the others wanted to have some personal times, so I dont what they did later on.

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