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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stress stress go away come again another day...

I only have 2 weeks to study... what the??

Have I started? I'm really not sure.... half half gua. But I'm quite sure I'm not ready for exam and I am under schedule. This semester I felt I even slack off..

Around me, there are lots of study techniques that people around me use. One is the(GB) gang bang technique.. sounds very obscene but it means group study. Another is the solo mid, bottom or top technique which obviously means someone study at home or anywhere else with fewer people. Sounds familiar? Cause i'm kinda relating it to Dota.

Study is kinda like dota. No matter what technique you use 'solo' or 'gb' to get exp or money, make sure you dont afk at base and get nothing. Don't straight away Roshan if you can't because you will end up wasting your time (Don't study the important but hard chapters because you will end up wasting precious time).

Sometimes, friends around would ask you to gb people but if you felt that you can't yet, why not farm awhile first? And sometimes you cant against too many enemy in the lane.. not safe? Solo forest lor (go library). The thing is, sometimes people kinda kacau you at forest. All the forest creeps killed by your friends or enemy (text book kena pinjam). Regardless of what hero or strategy you use, I'm sure that he or she could own the game... oh i mean study..

7:10 PM

Thursday, April 22, 2010

There are too many thing in my brain right now. Let me list out a few of the mains....

Internships, studies, exams, relationships with people and etc?

However, what concerns me today is not just about about the above. In fact, I am more worried about the future ahead for the earth. Will the earth really become like the big screen 2012 blockbuster where huge tsunami and earth quakes strikes the earth?? If we compare mother earth in the last decade, it was really a better place to live on with lower average temperature and less disaster I would say. Therefore, earthlings like us are just children for the earth. When we were born in this land, we were fed by her and grow in a healthy environment. By that, take care of her and she will take care of you.....

Happy Earth Day

10:51 AM

Monday, April 5, 2010

I was envious that most people had their dream for a good night sleep. Not that I'm having insomnia like Clarence or have no dream during my slumber time but rather unable to recall back what I had dream of. Once in a blue moon like today, I had a dream during my nap time and I could recall it. Quite a random dream I would say.

I was set in a house where there was this uncle told me some secrets about myself. The next thing, I know was I have this power to increase my heart beat until I had incredible reflexes and movements. Sounds familiar? My dream was almost based on the story of "Wanted" movie.

I know my eyes are supposed to focus on the target. Not the camera.

The story goes on that the uncle disappeared and I was going to be assassinated by a girl. But this time, it was not Angelina Jolly.. Instead it was....

Lady Gaga.

This poker face maniac, attempt to shoot me but somehow I manage to dodge all the bullets. Remember? I am able to do the increase reflexes thingy and causes some kind of slow motion (matrix mode). At the end of the dream, she even launched a Bazooka and blew the whole house.. I'm not sure if I was dead at the end of my dream lar....

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