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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Saturday nights were always too young for me. As most our friends went back to become pigs sleep, we shifted our yum cha location. A healthier place I would say due to less smokers there. We were down to 4 people and that made gossips easier.

Through the image on the below, no doubt we talked about love the most as it seems to be taboo among our circle of friends.Left to right: Kah wai, Me, Andy
(Note: Ignore the gayish hand pose)

How we ate our supper that night.

About Chris ( requested by he himself)
What we talk about him were purely lovey dovey stuff. To be honest, Yau Yau Chia Chun gave a thumb's up that Chris have high chance to success in his current situation. Supporting with some relevant and debatable evidence how he could and would achieved. We even forecast how intimidate he would be if he is in love. Although we predescribe that he is kinda woody, but a fine wood under the love light.

Above that, what we talked the most was regarding someone who seems to change the most among our friends. Then we talked about our own situations but I'm not going to reveal it here.
<--- my situation

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

After a long day of studies, I started to stare at my own bed that had been empty for a while. It seems to yell at me "Kleong !! Kleong !! Sleep with me !! Sleep with me!!" I gulped with empty mouth. The temptation seems to be too attractive, and so I couldn't resist anymore. I Judo-ed myself onto it, the pain was simply enjoyable. God knows how desperate am I to have a decent sleep.

As I take a closer look to my beloved matress, I discover that there lay my fallen hairs. I started to consider, have I gotten old ?
Did I consume too much of MSG lately? Will I be Bald in the future? These questions were left undefine in my mind, its not that important for me. On the other hand, some questions were too hard to answer which leave me no choice. Oh, what the hell was I crapping about? Only a fools could tell.

Whats the worst that I could say? Things are better if I stay. So long and good night. So long ....and good night (fall asleep*)

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

From this point onwards, my time will be truely limited. I will be taking 14 units in total for this semester alone. Studies will be serious and hectic. Chasing time is a bad idea. Coffee will be bad for health. Homeworks aid my knowledge. Don't misunderstood that I will abandon this blog. Perhaps I will not visit or write blogs that frequently.

<< Note : Im not acting cute but my parents adopted daughter insisted me to put cake into the mouth as shown. Nevertheless, I felt retarded.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Click the start button to listen before reading my entry.

A tips about me, I am at most emotional when listening to songs. While listening to this song (if you know what it means), it simply define my emotion towards my family. The lyrics is a direct hit, cracking the code that I wanted to say. To some of my friend, its not a new thing to know I have a broken home status. I wonder has it been 6 or 7 years.

Sometimes I'm just too emotionless or rather rebelious confronting my family. I'm not a family guy. Thats one of the reason I rejected miss Y and X kind offer. 5 days ago my father handed me RM 1000 all a sudden. I did not speak any word, not even thanks or asking why. Instead, I put the stack of money on the food table with a message to deposit it into my bank. Diablotic I am, yet I know I am a pathetic son. I wish not people to concern about this. I just wanted to express something out, however.......

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

It was a dark sacred night. After being dump by my college friends, I was invited by my other friends for count down. Hence, we headed to Hulu Langat area hill where birds eye view is easily obtained.

I personally think that this outing sucks.
1. Dumped by love birds (again).
2. Cant find any seats = no food and no drinks.
3. Where is the firework?

Allow me to briefly elaborate the points. ( Some maybe offensive)

Its not the first time we were shooed away. To be percise, we were indirectly being shooed away. How? Its something very abstract to be explain. When a talkactive friend become quiet. When he/she started to drift away from the group. When questions are answer with indefinite answer. It seems that, socialize with them are nearly impossible. Therefore, the best solution is to leave them alone.

Our original plan was to find a restaurant, have a sit and enjoy the fireworks. Eventually, the place were already packed and so our plan failed from the very beginning. We were forced to stand aside in hunger, cold and tiresome. Tortured by the delicious food fragrance was just speechless. I waited impatiently as the time seems to pass slower than usual. As soon as the clock reaches 12.00am. The inner me goes ' What the hell? '

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