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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Whenever I felt bored in class, I would most probabbly tapping on my cell phone. Sms-ing is another thing but there are times I'll give a brief scan at my photo gallery. So lets see what picture caught my eye.
Well this is a picture that really caught my attention everytime I flip through my galleries. Featuring my dear classmates and one of them is currently our class representative. It seems that they are having fun and asked me to join in! Almost joined them.

Next up, there is this "I-Dont-Know-What-Solution-Is-That". Remember those days during painting class in primary school when we used to mix those painting colours? Well, that reminds me as it looks identical colour. We were so notorious that day that we mix every left over solution into it. We even heated it while crossing our fingers hoping it wont explode. Thank god I'm still alive!

Hmm they smells nerd, they look nerd, they taste nerd yet they aren't that nerd as you get to know them. If I'm not mistaken they were hardworking that time because exam was just around the corner. Take a look at our wall there. If you notice it written something like A, B, C, D and goes on. Seems like we were treated like kindergardens.

Ohh, my cutie female dog. She is just adorable posing like that. For your information, the usual dog you've seen is Magic the male. This is Ginger the female dog.
The left is my brother's room and right is mine. Can see what's the difference of our room in terms of colour?
Calm down! This isn't another one of those Edison's photo. Its just me being caught by some foul beast friend while I was enjoying the breath taking view in Genting. I'm not totally naked there where you could see there is 'tuala' down there. By covering my front part, it seems that I accidently posed my 'sexy back'. Not that sexy though where I could see pimples.

Maybe a lot of people think that I'm too gayish, I felt the same too. So, anyone think she can convert me back? I guess no one replies....

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chinese new year had always been boring to me. This year is no exception but not the same way.

Like all chinese do, I sat closely together with my family. Having reunion dinner on the chinese new year's eve. It wasn't that memorable though. In fact every dinner with my family members were meaningless.

Every Chinese New Year, I would be slapping my forehead like a 100 times. Somehow, I've get alot of complains from all walk of culture here. For chinese, its common that I get "Aiya, I gain weight jorrr...". Hei! Its nothing to be shy of if you just eat, sleep, eat, sleep and the lines goes on. I'm experiencing the samething like these guys do. Or should I say, I fei jor.

Blame it on us but, Chinese New Year are one of the best time to enjoy homemade food. Begin with reunion dinner, delicious food would be prepared by mum. Feeling evil, one would tend to clear the entire dishes leaving the plate empty (easy to wash ma). Next on the menu there would be pineapple tarts, chocolates, cookies and "yuk gon". Then there are tons of fizzy drinks like coca-cola, shandy and etc that will fill your tummy. Do that mathes and you will know.

Whats more, what do you expect to do during chinese new year, sports? You don't get to exercise that often on chinese new year la! Worse comes to worse for those who going back to kampung. Sitting on the car for 4 hours is totally wiping out your mind from conciousness. My condolonce for them. When meeting up with relatives, again you get sink your teeth in their food this time. Some would be having fun with their long lost relative(gambling) . Whereas the other group of people would felt very boring with those strangers or known as doing nothing. In any cases, you still don't get to work out your butt and thats how we get to accumulate our fats.

How about me then? This time, I didn't get to meet any of my relative this year. I didn't get to sink my teeth in their food. But still, my mom made alot of cookies and I'm the only one capable of finishing the job! I was totally bored in here. While my friends were busy throughout the holiday, I don't seem to get anything to do. Study? Sports? Nahh...I dive myself into some online computer games instead. As I was leveling up my character, at the same time I was leveling up my fat!

Although I don't enjoy my Chinese New Year but at the end I went to Jason's house a friend of mine. Don't be mistaken, I didn't go pai lin or celebrate chinese new year. I'm just being forced by those foul beast friends to gamble while his parents were away. To summarize, I brought a Rm2 note and a couple of coins along me. At the beginning I lost all of it, then I somehow won back my money. At the end, I won RM 3 which is enough to eat 2 roti kosong plus one Teh O limau ais. Whereas for those big winner like Kah Wai that won Rm 25 and Christopher Rm 40. Kah Wai was kind enough to pay for some food bought to be cook. However, Chris had run away with those money! So if anyone saw him, please do not gamble with him.

Duh... so much for my Chinese New Year.

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Monday, February 4, 2008

This isn't a melancholic or a funny post, instead a thing that I had on my mind a while ago. To be honest, I guess alot of my friends have went through these stages and yet I've not. The pure feeling that one would treasure the most, I supposed. As in our daily life, we could utterly control most of our desire. If you want money, you could go get a job. You want knowledge, you could go learn or study something. But what about love?

Yes yes. Isn't it obvious? Love is so unpredictable and uncontrolable. In the initial stage, love is no other than just a one sided love. More accurately known as crush, one would most probabbly hide these fragile passions and remain dormant. Its hard to tell he or she had a crush on someone. Especially boys, they tend to be less sensitive to notice that a girl had a crush on them unless they are told so. Next, courtship proceed and if it suceed, vows would be made together. A new love is born at that moment.

Unfortunately, its not always the same story on the opposite side. Most of the time, there will be one who will be giving more. At the end, he/she might ask "why doesnt he/she cares about me?" or maybe "why did he/she do that to me?". Subsequently, tears broke out and oftenly in public. Time is the best healer, enable the person to forget everything bit by bit.

Once bitten twice shy? Nahh.. I don't think most of us are applied to this outdated term. As things are 77 88 recovered, most rasionally is to go find it again to obtain that ultimate feelings back. But heck, don't always just bang your head onto the wall repeatedly. Try to get some moral values before you advance for the next try.

Somehow love is similar to a learning process, kan...?

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