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Thursday, March 20, 2008

To be honest, I dont have any real topic to write in my blog. Not until I read Kitty's blog, it gave me somewhat a shock. As for my newly met friends, I supposed you would simply nod your head or jaw drop by viewing the picture below. Take notice that, I'm not making a big fuzz here but just to cincai share something.

Can't believe I looked like this 5 years ago? Yes, this was me when I was form 2. By looking at it, it reminds me of how nerdy I was during those days. I used to study in order to fill my time slots. Not like today, I was quite impresive where I manage to achieve good results. However, I only mixed with boys at that time. Having conversation with female is nearly impossible.

~I'm a MONK with hair!

It's hard to tell that if this two are the same person. They have two different characteristic.

This is the current me. Since the day without my nerdie look, I'm much lazier than before. Subsequently, grades slowly started to dissapoint me including my SPM.
Perhaps for this coming final exam I should change back the old look. The Nerd Look!

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