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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Tomorrow I will be having my Malaysian study FINAL exam. Facing this fact, I make a decision to change my study environment. Studying in home is indeed boring. So, I bring along my laptop and head to somewhere that i can online while studying. Why do I need to online? This is because I can use my laptop to help my study of course.

Everything goes to plan except my tyre were punctured. I phoned my mom and she told me ride back home slowly later. After finish all my study, indeed I did what my mom told me. I ride extremely slow at 20km per hour almost the same speed of a bicycle. Although it is 20km an hour, I feel that im riding a horse galloping in the middle of the road. And if I move more than 20km an hour, I will be like riding a bull.

The best part is when I need to turn in a corner. It feels like I am actually "piau yee" drifting. Some passer-by glared at me with a "wth" look in their face. At the end I reach home with a worn out tyre.

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