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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Warning!! Full of retarded pics like...

Don't ask me to describe this....

Looks like kissing each other... and Dome's expression

Its not like I know what does it mean in Japanese literally. To my mighty brain understanding, its simply a restaurant that serve good Japanese buffet that does resembles Jogoya. The idea first came when we suggested to go clubbing at MOS or Quatro. However, someone Faith is still underage and not all agree with the plan. Ernie came out a simple idea and here's where Tenji plan is originated...

We occupied 5 tables...

Japanese always has its own way. They serve it fresh. They serve it fast. We had been talking bout it since 23234 b.c. and now its time to take it to a test as we pretend as Anthorny Bourdain or Jammie Oliver or any celebrity chef.

It took place on a Thursday night where we had unlimited leisure time. Originally, Pei Wern, Jaq and Pris wanted to go. Eventually, due to some factor/busyness/reasons there were unable to make it that night..


Using Cj's DXLR

Lala People in Lala Lands

Ernie pretending the expression on the plate

Jerome with his selamba look...

About 12.00 we went back home straight with bloated stomach...
Guess everyone was satisified...

3:56 PM

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A brief explanation...

It has been roughly 2 months ago that I went to Singapore SingleLand Singaland Kiasuland or whatever it is called. For the sake of blogging I'll just briefly type whatever I could recall during that period of time...

So where shall I start??

Basketball Jersey "14" or sure die!

It all started when we were informed that there will be an iCHEM sports competition held in Singapore for Chemical Engineer students. Among the universities that will participate were UITM (all malays), University of Nottingham (our uni lor...), NTU (ran away already.. I pun tak tau apa hal) and NUS (host for the competition).

Somehow, I managed to be selected by the basketball team even with my laggish skills. Without hesitating I took this opportunity to visit Singapore, test my own basketball level, enjoy with friends, kap lui and etc... Everyone had a rough training hard including the basketball, frizebee (dont know how to spell), futsal and volleyball. Not to mention, DOTA was on the competition list and we did send 1 team there.

After sitting the KTM train for 7 hours, I guess everyone was enthusiams to get off. As for me, all I know is good food that allow me and my fellow friends slaves to survive this period of time. It was night time, the major shops were closed but we managed to find some food nearby our backpacker's hotel.

Walking on the street of Singapore... Move quickly slaves friends

Aiyo Steph caught on act...

Next day
We had a brief breakfast which was provided and some people were over excited for the competitions. Sugar rushed?

Miss Nottyham..

Just hours later, we found ourselves inside NUS lair. My first impression was "BIG" where it was about 10 times the size of our miniature uni. We were then ushered with respect to our sports. Judging by everyone's expression, most of them were like so tension. We always heard that NUS this and NTU that. They were iconic as great uni's therefore we supposed that they were superb too. But I always agree the old saying that "Don't make molehills to mountains".

My fellow teammates.. All macam so tension

Unfortunately, NTU did not turn up at the very momment. Hence they were announce disqualified. Then it was a rainy day, which means that all the outdoor games were delayed till further notice. For basketball there were 6 teams. 2 teams NUS, 2 team UITM and 2 team UNMC. In the end it turned out UNMC team A vs UNMC team B. Why? As I mentioned earlier it was raining like cats and dogs. Therefore, NUS team went back due to their own commitments (wth??). Then the UITM teams dissapeared like David Copperfield did.. Pathetic we were..

That guy below the ring like "head shot"

Aiya.. They have indoor courts yet they did not reserve the places for us... Steph was so fierce that time. Too bad I didn't take picture of her that time. She earned her fierce reputation for all the Comitee members for hosting this event. They were all terrified I guessed...

Boring till dont know do what... Didnt spill any sweat at all

Soon the whole event was at its peak. Everyone taking part for the event was invited to the after party and the funny part was, even NUS ownself did not really turn up. To me, its like a clubbing night which were lack of crazy people and alcoholic. I was forced by one of the guest there to have a drink.. For socialize purpose, how could I refuse no? Hoho.. embarasing momments occured instantly..

The after party...

Me and my teamates...

11:53 AM

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