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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'll brief about myself and UCSI...
My family and I decided that I take GCE A-Level london because the system of examination is simply nice from our point of view. Too bad TARC does not offer London A-level as UCSI does. Due to that, I join UCSI. Simple answer.

Ok here is the main meal, I have a little bit of nervous + excited. The 1st thing I did was trying to seek information from Miss Joen ( admin for pre-U). Well as a new student I still have plenty of things I need to ask her. However, she was not available and I went to my classroom straight away. Finding my classroom is hard as there are no room numbers for me to refer. So, I decided to inquire someone. When the class commenced, I listen decently to the lecturer. Eventually, I found out that I was in the wrong class during the break. Calmly, I decided to stay in the class so that I wont attract to much of attention. Futhermore, the lesson is about maths and it is one of the subject that I take

Communication with classmate is ok, but still need slightly more time to mix up. Especially with girls. Need to brush up my mandarin and also english. The lesson is more or less the same as Form 5 but there are always new things to learn. Overall, I kinda felt embarrassed about the event that happen and it makes me braver in an odd way to mix around.

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