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Monday, December 29, 2008

If I were to summarize the whole week with one word, it would be 'Hectic'. Below are the events that made me hectic and headache, and my exams are drawing near....

1. Kit Yee's Birthday
2. Melaka Trip
3. Christmas Party
4. ?????????

Kit Yee's Birthday

Date : 18th December
Venue : Itallianese ,Sunway Pyramid
Peoples : Kitty Yee, Ernest, Amanda, Sook Peng, Calvin, Jeleine, Wei Lip, Kar Leong, Kar Mun and 2 other guys.

The Princess

I was informed by Kar Mun that we were going to attend Kit Yee's wedding birthday celebration. The next thing I know, the majority decided to go Sunway to had dinner because it would be quite convenient if they would want to go clubbing.


The Apple Girls....

Scandalous Picture. Coincidence to wear the same pattern of shirt.

Here's the problem for Cinderella. Cinderella was supposed to leave before 12.00am and so do Kar Mun. The reason behind was, her parents will be waiting her before sleep and she did not want her parent's to worry too much. Therefore I respect her decision and bear the responsibility to send her home safely. At another perspective, it was kinda Potong Steam when Kar Mun need to leave early as the rest were still inside MOS with Kit Yee. Hope that they understand and they don't mind....

Melaka Trip

Date : 21 Dec
Venue : Melaka, Jonker Street, Melaka Zoo, Muzeums, Botanical Garden and McD
Monkeys : Calvin, Hui Hui (driver), Jeleine, Kar Leong, Kar Mun and Ben (tour guide)

Its a one day trip which consist 5 people. Hui hui, Calvin, Jeleine, Kar Mun and me. Our brain was filled with the tender chicken rice balls, thick and rich taste of cendols and also satay celup. Not to mention, we also had McD in Melaka. Perhaps the McD there taste better??

Apart from eating, chewing, slicing, mixed it with our saliva and swallow it, we didn't missed out visiting Melaka areas. Somehow, Jeleine was very exited to visit the Melaka Zoo. Think about it, she was right. We were all very young the last time we visited a zoo...

The monkeys...

Scandalous Picture 2.... Prison of love??

Approximately 7.00pm. Once we finished our Satay Celup we bid farewell to Ben, our beloved tour guide. We journey back to KL. Everyone was tired but it was fun.......

Christmas Party

Date : 24 Dec
Venue : Kar Mun's house
People : Kar Mun, Kar Leong, Hui Hui, Wan Yuan and Jason

Previously, my Christmas celebration was very dull. I did not really celebrate it in the appropriate way because to me it's just another day. However this year, it become more meaningful than the previous year.

For starters, I would be confronting father and mother in law Kar Mun's father and mother. First impression is very important!! All I can say I tidy up myself and just be very natural. One of her cousin was shouting when I arrived "Who is Kar Leong ahh??". Everyone's eye started to pierce me. Instantly, I was famous at that short moment.

Had some BBQ chicken wings, fried mee hoon and orange juice. Not long later, Wan Yuan and her Boyfriend appeared. Then we had present exchange session inside with a big fat Santa hosting it. The funny thing was my exchange present ended up to Kar Mun while I still have a personal Christmas present to her. In other words, she received 2 gift from me. So what's the mysterious present??

If Santa Claus is this girl, she knows what I want...

Posing with the new formal outfit.

About 12.00am, everyone left including Wan Yuan and her bf. Therefore, I took the opportunity to bid farewell to Kar Mun and her old folks. Lastly, I bid farewell to my driver Hui Hui. Frankly speaking, I did enjoy the celebration as it was something new to me. Looking forward for next year's celebration...

Still waiting for Kar Mun's picture to post here. (Under construction)


Date : ???????
Venue : ??????????
People : ??????????



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Friday, December 12, 2008

When I was in SPM and A-Levels, I always thought that exams are very dreadful. They are nothing but a bunch of devilish monster which massacre our beloved brain cells. Causing high damage to ourself physically and mentally. Yes, same goes to assignments which last for 2 weeks I had been busy with.

2 Fluid Mechanics Report
1 Industrial Visit Report (dead)
1 Mathes Test
1 PEF coursework
1 Oral Presentation (dead)

Even after those assignments, it would also decrease my moral. Thus again, it increase my stress level.

Top 3 ways to Destress
It does not apply to everyone but at least it applies to me.

3. Accompany by friends

Featuring Nottingham Friends...

Apart from family, most of the time we will be hanging out with friends. They are our second family I would say. For starters, Broga Hill had been circulating among our friends. Its considered a low cost outing but a fun experience.

As early as 6.50am, we were schedule to reach the bottom hill. Everyone was motivated reaching the top in order to watch sunrise. But it was too late. Somehow the eye of heaven seems to shine brightly, that is when we started to take pictures and video. The trails were quite narrow and slippery at times. It could go steep at times but everyone safely reached the peak after 40 minutes. Breeze air and beautiful scenery just instantly healed our fatigue. We even had birds eye view to the area surrounding.

However, Wei Mein and Bolwin were not contented. They wanted something more then just scenery. Therefore they proceed the trail to another peak. Nick names were given to them....

Look carefully as you can see the trail that leads to Mount Doom. Smeagol!!! BITE OF FRODO's FINGER!!

Eventually the story were twisted a bit. Smeagol did not fall into the Mount Doom volcano. Frodo's finger were not detached. Instead they both came back after 45 minutes. The next thing we know was Frodo's knee was injured. I bet it was Smeagol.

Lord Of the Ling. From left to right Smeagol and Frodo. A very romantic picture of them....

Everything ended by 9.00am. Take our time to bath and clean up before having breakfast in KFC.

2. Eat and sleep

Everyone's stone look. Oh...did I mention? We all did not sleep the day before climbing the hill. As for me, I did not sleep well for the whole 2 weeks. We were in KFC outlets at that time. Then we even went to Baskin Robbins to celebrate CK's birthday.....

As for me, I think eating is linearly proportional to my stress level. The more stress I have, the more I will eat. As an example, I am to decide either choose 5 pieces of chicken or 2 Zinger burger. Without thinking twice I would choose the 5 pieces of chicken if my stress level is high enough. For this two weeks of stress, I have ate 3 or 4 times in KFC. Next, sleeping is also essential. I slept more than 12hours after all my assignments were settle. My bed seems to have a mighty gravitational force as if I could not pull myself out from the bed.

Last but not least is....

1. With someone special

Yes it really helps.....Don't be mistaken that it only applies to bf-gf relationship. It could be mother, father, lecturer, soul mate or even a dog. But for me it would be her....

Looks like a burger?

Its actually a type of biscuit bought from Ipoh

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