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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Somehow I found out my blog is full of dust and spider webs. Yes yes, I have been neglected it for quite a while due to some hecticness in my life. And it's my duty to clean it back...

So what's so hectic in my past 30 days and so? Basically the entire population of Nottingham was overwhelm by the dreadful exam on 8th of January. Not to mention, it was just 1 day after my official birthday. Yes Exams were really pain in the ass, however it had finished in a blink of an eye.

Allow me to elaborate with some pictures...

Studying with MP3 pluck on the ears are common ritual to her. At times she would spit out a few lyrics in a funny way. Exams have always been 'taking candies from a baby' to her. Not to mention, her notes and workings has always been my Holy Bible to refer.

Same goes to this picture. Look at her concentration and expression. Her brain must be tonnes of those symbol on her shirt.

Well not everyone is having hard time here. This guy below is just taking his break promoting Tiger biscuit recommend by Wy Hoong. Instead of taking kitkat for break, why not take a better, cheaper and stronger Tiger? Well, I admit its a nice biscuit to bite especially when you are hungry and in cold environment.

I know I look retarded here.
Take a break, take a kitkat Tiger... Rawrrr, Tiger beats kitty cat

Yes, there's no point for further elaboration. What's more important is the present time correct? Ahhhhh.... yes Chinese New Year could be superb fun or it could be superbly boring also. As for me, I'm half half kind. So how should I enjoy my Chinese New Year??

One of my friend told me that the best thing about CNY is to shopping for new clothes without parents whinning. Very true and I experiment it few times. However, I don't find the joy within shopping so it's out of my list. I'm just the window shopping type while the girl below.... lets just say I gave sufficient comments...

Saw the the water pipe? She's probabbly washing hands there.

Apart from that, Chinese New Year enables you to balik kampung. As for me, I don't get to go anywhere like most of my friends. My house is where the celebration is held most of the time. Therefore, I get to online a lot. Chatting with friends to pat each other's shoulder as we share the same fate.

The year of Cow/Ox/Bull

Every year is no exception. I had receive lots of complain about how fat they feel. How unproductive they are and I'm just one of them. Commonly our butt will be sticking on the chair, sofa or any object it can land on. Then menu starts with Reunion dinners as I had lots of calories intake there. Eating less during the festive season is forbidden because it's like you don't give face to them. What's more the food are luxurious and mouth watering.

Happily ever after?? No!! You still need to consume lots of home made cookies, chocolates, yuk gon, shandy, soft drink and etc. Imagine doing that for 3 or 4 days. Soon, all the unused calories will be turned to lipids and that's where you get all the spare tire, elephant legs and flabby arms. Sad to say that we don't get to exercise that often while sitting on sofa, chair or car seats.

So like what my friend told me. Chinese New Year is FAT instead of FATT

What I write about hectic is a lie
I'm simply lazy...

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