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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

After the exams that seems to be taking forever to finish, semester break awaits or should I say tedious holidays? What a coincidence, as my holiday starts my school friends' holidays ends. Frankly speaking, I have no idea how to spend my holidays.

Seeing myself weak in physical health, once again I challenge myself to do some workout. Well it would be my ever enjoyed sports, basketball of course. Just of a reminder, my basketball talent seems to be degraded ever since Form 5 and I know it would be worse if I don't do anything. Therefore, I went to search for my sidekick name Yu Chuen code name "SiFu" along with couples of morons Hung Zhai, Jia Jun and Xing Xing. Together we seems to be invincible and so we challenge whoever that dare to cross the court boundaries. Eventually, we were beaten simultaneously by those unknown players who roam the court long before we do. Yup, we did lost every single match due to my lagging behind effort but still we enjoy the sweat that fill our clothes.

With some hot chicks around, it seems that me and my fellow friends slaves were drooling and our eye twinkling at them. WAIT !! It might be a conspiracy by those bastard players in order to keep us distracted. No wonder we lose every single matches. CURSE them for using such filthy tactics. They better be prepare for the next time when we come.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Being loved by other people seems to be something spectacular. Unless you love them back, it has a total opposite feeling. It's horrible.

As I was trying hard to convince Miss X not to pour love upon me, all a sudden pop up another girl, Miss Y. Through my un-sensitive brain, I wasn’t aware the presence of her. Up until last Saturday, during my conversation with Mr. ND-Tan, a fellow schoolmate, threw an unusual question, "Are you dating with Miss Y?." He caught my attention, subsequently I inquired him to make things clearer. The next day, I further bombard Myke with questions for confirmation. The good thing was Myke knew it all along, and claim it was a year ago issue. Perhaps, she should have told me earlier to enhance my prevention. I was blown away, what could I say? It all seems to make sense as ND-Tan ask, Tan Tat accused and Myke explained.

Obviously, I'm neither interested to be with Miss X nor Miss Y. In other words, I am more interested to be normal friends than further relationship. The equation seems to be ;

P ( Y > 0 ) = 0
P ( X > 0 ) = 0
P (ND-TAn > 0 ) = -1

Those who studied statistic before will understand what I type above although it is quite confusing.

In the near future, she even plans to study in the same college as mine according to Myke. I'm in dilemma, as I have plenty of options at hand. Most importantly, I'm gasping for clean air. I. Someone please enlighten me.

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

I never could have seen this far,
I never could have seen this coming,
It seems like my worlds falling apart,
Yeah ....
Why is everything so hard?
I don't think that I can do...

simple plan - perfect world

This post was actually on Friday

Lately, I've been busy stu-Dying for my 1st semester final exam. Whenever there are studies, there are exams. Whenever there are exams, there are rooms for me to commit silly mistakes. Not to brag about, I have faith and confidence for all my exam paper. However, today physic unit 2 paper is an exception. It really upsets me due to my carelessness. Although I equip with suffice knowledge, studying in long durations does give some negative feedback. I felt quite unusual today as I step to the exam hall. It begin with the lost of my ID card which is required to enter the exam. Thankfully I was able to continue the exam without the student ID.

I would say that unit 2 is relatively hard then the 1st unit but still there are easy parts. The problem starts when I make the easy part to an abnormal hard question. I begin to get frustrated and simply dish off the question with some kind of other stuff. Easy but contribute a lot of marks as the other questions have relations with the 1st one. As I know what was the correct answer, it was already too late. Hence I keep murmured at myself for the whole quarantine session.

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Monday, June 4, 2007

Sleeping is unavoidable for everyone due to it's importance to regain back ones physical strength at the same time refresh their soul. One could sleep in a blink of an eye when they are tired depends on the need. In comparison to me, it seems that sleeping is as tough as exam. Every night I experience the same difficulties where dreamland is no where to be found in my deepest desire to sleep. Although I pretend to sleep by shutting my eye tight and remain a statue in the bed for 7 hours, unbelievable I'm still conscious. Despite of that, I did consult those who are success in this field. According to Mr. Wong Yan Zheng, professional in controlling biological time " listen to sentimental wordless songs. If you still can't, try to think of ME SMILING!! ". May Ying professional in food nutrient, as the saying goes " eat well sleep well ". I tried all the method but none give a bright result. Not to mention I laugh when I imagine of Yan Zheng smiling. If I'm not out of luck sometimes I might be permitted to enter the dreamland to refresh my soul.

As far as I'm concern, I'm over stress by the final exam lately. In this war of pen and paper, weapon in a form of knowledge will distinguish who is the final winner. The more weapon you bring, the higher probability you will win a war. However, brutal force alone is just not the correct method for this modern battle. Instead they should come along with some genius strategies on usage of time. Further more, research such as bringing the right weapon and using it efficiently is equally important. For every great victory there comes great joy with sacrifice and for every loss there come sadness with disappointment.

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