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Thursday, May 20, 2010

I can smell Holidays is around the corner. Just 5 freakin more days and thats it!! From the beginning of exam until today, I could say the papers were ups and downs. This means that there are papers which I could or could not score. The next paper? Chemical Phase Equilibrium (CPE) and Environmental Protection (ENP).

I was so pissed off for today's dinner. Why? Not that the food were extremely bad or something but they over charged me for RM20. Despite my bankrupt status I declared earlier, money is never enough for me and for now I felt quite miserable for paying more of what I ate. My food was supposed to be bellow RM15!! Sigh, I think Sue Wen's blur is contagious (no offence) and made me blur.

Freakin poor now.

Gary studying in exam mode.

Wei Mein destressing with CS.

Thats all for today. Thanks for listening to my rant.

Oh yeah, I ate at Bitch Beach Cafe today.

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