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Monday, May 7, 2007

Ok I dont know where and how to start. 1st of all, I'm really sorry for miss X. If you read this, I hope you truely understand my problem. Some of our missunderstand you might have taken it as faith.

Miss X, is a wonderful girl that some of the guys might be attracted to her. Some said I'm lucky that she had a crush on me. Indeed I'm equally glad that I attracted her all a sudden. I too have the urge to get into couple. However I cant lie to myself. I dont feel the equal love that she feels towards me. What to do?

Some of the minor reason that I deny her kind offer is because, I lack of time and money to spend with you. Lame excuse huh (ignore it). Another is my family background that I dont wanna go in detail(too much). But the main point is, I cant find the love within you. It would be very unfair if a couple have unbalance love right?

Today, I told her how I felt but Miss X insisted " You Can't Stop Someone From Loving Someone, right?" "Let Me Love You That Is Already Enough For Me ". I was like scratching my head how to answer that. After a long talk, we end up no where. I dont want to waste her time to wait me love her or what so ever. My motive is to reject her kindly thus maintain our friendship.


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