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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Allow me to brief you for a sec, I've been recently hired by University Nottingham Malaysian Campus a.k.a. UNMC as a full time student. Current persuading my degree studies in Chemical Engineering. Yes, many have asked "I thought you going to study Veterinary?", "Chemical Engineering no good lar why choose that?" and even " What is Chemical Engineering?" Oh well, lets have a look of my current mansion.
Living room that is quite equip. Feels so empty

Kitchen and its empty

Finally my room and its quite empty also.

For starters, I'm living under 1 roof with 11 strangers. Somehow the world was small enough for me to come across Thang Wei Mein. An ex-smkpi who turn to betray us and left to SAB. Well, he wasn't as bad as I thought. Simplified speaking, he is living under 1 roof with me and studying the same course as I am. While the other 11 strangers, we get to know each other as time goes by. The pros is I have 3 Chemical Engineer seniors here and I was like "Wahahahaha". The cons is I seldom find them around the house.

Do I need to describe about lectures? I bet you guys know more than I do. Its long, boring, sleepy and tiring. I had a Lecturer who looks like Andrew Yong. Another lecturer who is a Russian which I hardly understand what he is trying to tell us. Worse was our Math lecturer who talk faster than bullet train. I guess I will get used to this when time goes by.

There has been quite an eventful week. Ice Breaking session which was rather meaningless to me. I've decided to give it a try since some friends were there too. However it turn up to be a boring night for me. There are various games in order for us get to know each other but our group seems to be so left out. On the other hand, Wei Mein got all the hot girls group and its was so unfair. It turn out that I got to dance with a petite Indian girl while he dance with hot girls.

Then there was a bbq night.
Pay RM10 > get a piece of chicken drumstik> 1 gulp of grape juice> a roasted potato>the end.

This is how it looks like when we arrive. Seems to be promising us with plenty of mouth watering food. After all its barbeque ma. The bad news was there are only 2 bbq stove for over 300 guest. The good news was we got to know a bunch of friends who stay next door. We share something in common

Erm, this is freaking retard but we had nothing to do but to just fool around. While waiting the food we were insanely hungry and couldn't be any conscious. We decided to steal take those raw Chicken and hot dogs for tapau. Then bring it to cook in a nearby restaurant

Bbq chicken was never as instant as fried chickens. There are just as tasty as the barbequed once. No matter how much we took, I still felt that we had been con. Argh....

Gotei 11. I mean this is the gang I mention earlier. They live next door and agreed our devilish plan to grab and run. Yes, even Roti Kosong is delicious with the hunger. Macha Roti kosong satu!!

Studying in Dinning room. Very Cham because we occupy the living room already. Sorry ya...

Adris Fixing Computer FOC. Next time if computer got problem can find him already. The tall guy at the back was the one computer problem. Dota too much already lar...

Dota party at our neighbour house. Once in a while as a type of socializing is okay larr....

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