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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Once upon of time, there live a poor family who make their living by...

A. Selling abalone
B. Selling moon cakes
C. Selling Pan Mee
D. Selling Ice Creams


It first started with a small stall doing their business next to a busy street. Not long after their business were blooming, the parents were involved with car crash accident which left the business to the eldest brother, elder sister and the step mother. With good strategies and hiring a good cook came from Himalaya, their net profit has an exponential growth. Therefore, they took the opportunity to extend their business by opening a buffet restaurant located at the heart of KL name "Jhogoya". Instantly, the restaurant became very popular with their tremendous varieties and food qualities. As it seems that everything goes well, the eldest brother (CEO) went missing with no trace at all. No one knows why, how or when until one of the sibling discovered the reason behind it which also relates back to the incident of their parents death......
All the above are real stories from............... Facebook where everyone commented on the photograph....

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

I've finally finished up my labs after suffering for 8 weeks. Yee Ping, Michelle and I were haunted by the last lab report and spent a sleepless night to finalize it up. Confused we were despite all the senior reports and friends help. We were unable to establish the foundation for the experiment but at the very end we manage to sort things out... Phew

I know there are people says its unfair to have 2 pretty ladies as my lab mates like Dome but I shall not only compliment their beauty.. they have good personalities, very fun to work with and most importantly not dumb at all! As I could remember, their marks are always higher than mine. Hahaha... Yee Ping, if you are reading this.. UCSI is not in Sabah or Sarawak lar.. Its actually at Cheras Taman Connaught only.... sorry sorry

I hate the coming days as it will be very very busy and stress... it will be something like study, study, study, coursework, test, study, study, industrial talk, industrial visit, industrial talk, industrial visit, industrial talk, study, study, study, coursework, study, coursework, coursework, and the list goes on....

Need to
-Do ENM Coursework
-Do INC Coursework
-Read BOB
-Stop emo-ing
-Start Exercising ( get back my fitness)

Talking about Exercising, its super hard to get myself workout in Uni. When the afternoon comes, the sky seems to turn gloomy and start pouring its droplets to the earth till evening. Some may think "Hei, you can play indoor sports and go to the gym noob!" but the truth is hard to pull a single sweat. swt

Badminton - Only 2 court and always full
Ping Pong - You hardly move an inch
Squash - I dont have a squash racket + ball
Gym - Buff guys looks scary and insufficient equipment.

I know I exaggerate a bit, but the points are there! Further more, what's better thing to do than sleeping when its raining? Well, I'll try to play squash once in awhile when I could parasite some of my friends there.... LOL

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dear blog... Im so sorry for neglecting you again for don't know how many weeks. I also do not know that how many people do really read my blog. However, I do wanna sculpture a little bit of tiny bits of memories on you...

All the way from week 1 to week 7, lots of things had happen. There were lots of activities went on, lots of happening things happen but its too hard for me to list it down. Recently (not really recent actually week 6), Chem Eng students were invited to attend an event organize by Chemical Engineering Society (CHESS) called as Chem Eng Night. Allow me to briefly describe how was it, it first started with games, then performance and dress competition. The most memorable thing I could remember was when Kieve showed his abs and he really freak the heck out of Khai Kiun (sorry, spelling get D' only) and even me.

Overall its a thumb up with all the things we had for just RM 5 except that I did not get my meal that I'm supposed to. At the end of the day, I had to feed my hungry tummy at Ibrahim Maju (mamak restaurant)... Haihz

Queuing up to play a game call "Ting Ting"
(Bolwin, Me, Michelle, Eileen, Su Em, Yee Ping and long list of people)

Somehow, I still feel gloomy all these days without her presence. How long have we been not seeing each other? Where did I go wrong?? I never knew, I never knew that everything is falling through. That everyone that I know was waiting on a queue to turn and run when I needed was the truth but thats how it gotta be...

The Fray - Over My Head

I wish I had a pat on my shoulder at least.......

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